The Township of Columbia is very proud of the library service and all it has to offer. The Columbia Township Library, located at 6456 Center Street in Unionville, provides services to all residents living in Columbia, Akron, and Wisner Townships as well as for those who live within the Unionville-Sebewaing Area School District.


The library system holds over 17,000 materials. Over 1100 DVDs and 1500 VHS tapes are also available for check-out.


Over 15,000 items were checked out of the system during the last year. More than 1000 books were borrowed from other libraries for our patrons.


In addition to these items, over 12,000 people entered the library to use our computers, access the Internet, enjoy wireless Internet service, participate in computer and Internet training, or attend one of the library’s many events.


The members of the township board serve as the library board as well.



6456 Center Street, Unionville, MI 48767 Address
989-674-2651 Phone
989-674-2138 Fax


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